I write ads, branded content films, tag lines, social media, and all kinds of copy.  I've most recently worked with Heart Beat Ideas, writing a virtual reality choose-your-own-adventure narrative that puts you in the shoes of someone suffering from PBA. Before that I worked with MeUndies, writing ads and launching their Lounge Pants, and 72andSunny on Starbucks, Tillamook, and Fresh & Easy.  I've written video for VeracityColab, and recently joined American Black Market as a writer/director, writing ads for some of their brands. I've worked for SpringRole, Buck Mason, the others above, and more. For any samples of advertising and copy work, just ask.  Some of the videos can be seen in the "Film" section of this site, and below are a couple examples of work done for MeUndies and Fresh & Easy.

MeUndies Product Launch: Highly successful launch campaign for The Lounge Pant. See images below, and click on this link right here.


YOUR DAILY MARKET - a campaign for Fresh & Easy, geared toward millennials.